Friday, May 16, 2014

A Peaceful Night and a Better Morning

After my post last night, Mom quieted down and slept peacefully all night long.  No more coughing or choking.  This morning she awoke with a smile on her face and her voice is not quite as raspy.  When asked how she felt she replied that she felt as if she had been running all night.  I noticed that her bruising on her face is getting very colorful and while getting her dressed I noticed bruising around her ribs and knee.  Her left hand is also very pretty!!!

I got her downstairs and she ate a good breakfast.  She had an Aleve and it must have kicked in because when I called Dawn to wish her a Happy 50th Birthday and told her what I am now telling you Mom asked what I was talking about.  I said I was talking about her booboos from  falling and she couldn't believe she fell......she is not even sore!!!

That's our Mom!!


  1. Wow! She is so lucky not to have worse injuries!

    1. I know Paula....she never ceases to amaze me.


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