Saturday, May 17, 2014

It's Gonna be a Good Day

What a nice day we had today.  It started out with Mom getting into the shower very agreeably when she awoke this morning and without one complaint during the whole shower.

When we were done showering we walked into the kitchen to find Frank making us ham and cheese omelets for breakfast.  What a guy!!

They were delicious.  Mom ate her entire omelet and a half piece of toast along with a cup of coffee, even though she "wasn't hungry at all and couldn't eat a bite".

Ham and Cheese Omelet

1 t. butter
2 eggs
1/2 T. cold water
salt and pepper to taste
2 T. diced ham
2 T. shredded cheese (we used a Monterrey Jack blend)

Melt butter in small saute pan over med low heat.  Scramble eggs with water and salt and pepper. Pour into the pan and let cook slowly until it starts to set.  As it begins to set, lift up the sides allowing the loose eggs to flow underneath. Continue in this manner until the eggs are set all the way through.  Sprinkle half the eggs with the ham and cheese. When the cheese begins to soften and melt, start sliding the filled half onto a plate, flipping the pan containing the unfilled half so that it folds over covering the filled half.  Print Recipe

While we were eating, Mom noticed that our daily fishing guest had returned.  He has been here every day this week fishing in our front pond.

He ate his breakfast while we ate ours and then, when he had his fill he waved to us as he left.  I am sure he will be back to see us again tomorrow.

While I was watching the crane bid us farewell, I noticed that all of my daffodils are in full bloom and looking absolutely lovely.

Then I started paying attention to my surroundings on the beautiful, sunshiny morning noting that my trees in the front of my house were also in bloom.

This afternoon we are singing at Mass and then we were going to go out for dinner but we ended up spending the night at the ER with Mom and getting pizza on the way home so we are having the Salmon tonight.


  1. Beautiful pictures....I love taking in the sights of spring. My neighbors have left on vacation and their peonies are in full bloom. The girls and I are going to pick a few later today. Our neighbors won't mind at all...

    1. Of course they won't. I love peonies, my peony bush is just starting to sprout up.


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