Thursday, May 1, 2014

Our Blessing from Heaven is Revealed

God is amazing.
And so is science.
This morning we were speculating on what gender our baby would be.
Tonight we know......

It's a Girl!!!!


  1. Love this reveal! Very cute, I have not seen this one done before. Congratulations all around! What a blessing is right!

  2. Thanks Sharon, My eldest daughter, Amy, gave me the idea.

  3. Oh how exciting. I had only boys to raise so when I got baby granddaughters it was so much fun to spoil them with all the cutsie little outfits out there. Now, I would say, not so much fun since she is a teen. But heck we have to take the good with the bad!

    1. Ting was just saying last night that she is nervous about having a girl because they are harder than boys during their teen years. I told her that was not my experience with my kids. My daughter was soooo much easier than my son.


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