Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mom Falls Again

So Tuesday night while Mom was at Dawn's she tripped over their dog, Dragon and came down hard on her face.  She was bleeding heavily from the mouth and it turned out she had bit a chunk out of her lip.  Her glasses also got jammed into her face and she has a pretty good shiner.  Dawn and Tom got her cleaned up, determined that nothing was broken and kept an eye on her through the night.

The next day was Wedding Day and when Mom got up Dawn was going to give her a shower but Mom, probably because she was in pain, was very stubborn and obstinate and refused to cooperate with Dawn at all.  Finally, they gave up on the shower idea, coaxed Mom to eat a little bit of toast and sent her with Nancy.  Nancy was able to convince her to get her manicure and pedicure and also to get her hair done but when they went to have some lunch Mom refused to eat anything telling Nancy she was nauseous.  Mom's voice was very raspy and her nose was running but there was no coughing or sneezing.

You can see Mom's fat lip and a little bit of the bruise on her left side of her face.
But mostly you can see how sad her eyes appear.
This was right before the Wedding Ceremony.
The house was full of company.
Normally Mom would be very animated and happy.

Nancy brought her home to me and I was able to convince her to eat a little bit of pasta and a glass of milk. Then I gave her an Aleve and a glass of wine while we finished preparing for the Wedding.  After Mom ate she was less argumentative and as the night progressed she seemed to get more coherent but was still suffering from a runny nose and raspy throat.

Today I left the house early to take Mom Klik to the doctor.  When I got home Nancy said that today had been a good day.  Mom and I watched some television and then Dick arrived and we had dinner.  Mom ate very well.  Frank and I went to choir, when I got home I noted that Mom was now coughing and complaining of drainage into her throat.  Mom very rarely complains so that got my notice.  Thinking that perhaps she was suffering from allergies like the rest of us seem to be, I gave her some benadryl.  I also noted that the bruising on her face was taking on the definite shape of her glasses and I wondered to Frank if perhaps there was injury to Mom's sinus cavity from the fall.

Mom went to bed around 8 pm.  Around 9 pm she awoke, coughing, gagging and choking.  I have given her some dayquil, I am afraid to give her nyquil because it really knocks her out.  It has been about a half an hour now and she seems to be sleeping peacefully.  I know Mom is 93 years old but tonight she is really 93 years old, very frail and shaky.  It has me a little scared.  I think we will be making a doctor visit in the morning and say some extra prayers this evening.


  1. My uncle 89, was in assisted living... and took a hard fall in the bathroom. No one knows what happened. Nothing broke, but they (my cousins) decided to have him checked out, and get some PT for his balance.

    I can't tell you how many times I have tripped over my dogs. Can't believe my knee caps are still intact. Be well Gladys... xo Lovely, R

  2. so sorry wendy..hope she is better in the morning. Richard is having a couple bad days too. Maybe it's the moon!

    1. Thanks Paula, the dayquil seemed to do the trick, She had a quiet rest of the night. We will see how she is when she awakens. Hopefully this runny nose and scratchy throat has nothing to do with the fall


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