Monday, May 5, 2014

Fly me Away

This afternoon the sun came out, the wind died down and the skies were blue.  We took advantage of the weather and the break from Mom and decided to go for a flight.  We originally thought we would fly somewhere for dinner but the plane had other ideas.  When Frank was draining the fuel sump it got stuck and kept leaking.  So we called the mechanic who assured us it was safe to fly and our first stop was to see him so he could unstick it.   That used up about an hour and 15 minutes so we decided to just do a flight in the area and grab dinner afterwards.

We flew over to Lake Huron.  When we went for our ride yesterday and stopped at our friends, the Greens, who live on Lake Huron we noticed numerous freighters in the lake in front of their home.  Rob explained that Lake Superior was still 60% ice due to the frigid winter we had.  Normally, Lake Superior at this time of the year, would be only 2% ice covered.  The freighters are all at a standstill awaiting their turn in line.  They are way out here because the holding area closer is filled to capacity.

We counted 14 freighters at a standstill.

We then flew along Lake Huron to the St. Clair River and into Lake St. Clair which is where we live.
We flew over our house and then we flew over my brother, Dick's, house and shot some photos before heading back to the airport.

This is our house from the air.

And my brother's house.

Once landed, we went to Guisseppe's Italian Restaurant for a delicious dinner.  I had Lamb much for Meatless Monday... and now we are home watching 24, Live Another Day...We are Jack Bauer fans in this household.


  1. Nice pictures! Glad you were able to get up and away! Also a 24 fan, recorded it tonight!

  2. Do you have ponds in front and back of your house? Those pictures are awesome. I am not a flyer and can't even imagine getting into a plane just to fly around....(yikes, shiver) but I do love the pictures

    1. Yes, they both have fish and muskrats that we need to get rid of. The back pond is used by kids for swimming and by us for playing around in the kayaks. If you ever get here to Michigan we can take you for a flight...face your fears!!!

    2. Ha! Ha! I don't think I'll be taking a flight. Littlel planes scare me worse than big ones. But I will take a dip in that lake


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