Friday, May 2, 2014

Life is Messy Sometimes

Five Minute Friday is one of my favorite little blogs to write each week.  Our friend, Lisa Jo Baker, gives us a one word prompt on which we write for 5 minutes flat.  This gives us no time to over think or over stress about what we should write.  We just write for the joy of writing.  There is only one must visit the writer posted before your blog and encourage them in their endeavors.  Easy should join us!!

Today's prompt is Mess.


Life can be messy sometimes.  It doesn't always go the way you had planned.  That perfect little life you had pictured in your head.

You know, the one where there is never any money problems, your marriage is happy each and every second of each and every day, your children are angels who never give you a moments worry and then they become wonderful, well rounded and perfect adults (all because of your perfect parenting) and provide you with tons of beautiful perfect grandchildren that you spend time with in between all your world travels that you are enjoying after having retired from the perfect career that made you completely happy and provided you with more money than you can spend.

Our lives are all like that.....right???

Until the bill collector is knocking on the door. And your children turn out to be just miniature human beings that need to be taught right from wrong.


And you run out of time when you are trying to get all your thoughts down in 5 lousy minutes LOL...Life is Messy!!  And Good!!!  Have a wonderful day all my Five Minute Friends!


  1. Love this picture of a perfect life--that was my plan, but it got really messy and instead I have 4 kids who are like me in all my best and worse ways. It's wonderful!

    1. Yes it is, Lindsey. That is one of the best things about life's messes. It teaches you that life doesn't need to be perfect to be wonderful. Love is what makes it perfect.

  2. I can't even begin to talk about how messy (not like how I planned at all) my life became....

    1. I know Paula...You and Richard should be traveling, having the time of your life and enjoying your grandkids whenever you got a chance. Life is very messy...

  3. So messy that I got 4 minutes into my post and got a call from a nurse and then had to pick up kids and get moms laundry done and before I knew it, I had just plain forgotten that I even started it! Good grief!!!!


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