Monday, May 19, 2014

The First Harvests of Spring in Michigan

Kim and Kurt just stopped by and dropped off the most precious gifts of the Spring season here in Michigan.

A pound and a half of fresh Morel Mushrooms.
A pound and a half!!!
That is like them walking into the house and handing us $200.00!
Yes, Morels are that expensive!!

They also brought the first rhubarb harvest from their garden.
I keep telling you that I am blessed with the best friends in the world!!

Of course, this means I will have to change up my weekly menu because fresh morels and fresh rhubarb need to be eaten when they are fresh!!  So here is my plan now....if the weather cooperates and we are able to go up north for Lili's soccer game, I am taking the morels with me.  We will saute them with whatever we are having for dinner.  There is NOTHING better than fresh morels sauteed in butter and lightly seasoned with salt and pepper (maybe a little bit of thyme).  I will also bring the rhubarb along with me but in the form of Rhubarb Cobbler that we will have for dessert.  

If the weather does not cooperate then we will still have the Rhubarb Cobbler but I will have to figure out what I am serving to go along with the mushrooms.  

I know, I know.....the suspense is killing you!!  You will just have to wait, along with us, and see what tomorrow brings.  See you then. 

Linking up with Thriving at Home and even though Morels are terribly expensive to buy, you can go and hunt them for free and rhubarb grows like a weed so I am also sharing at Thrifty Thursday.
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  1. You continue to educate me every single time I read your blog. I have never even heard of these inspire me!

    1. Oh thanks Paula. I think they are a Michigan thing and maybe Canada too. They are so good. You can only get them this time of year and if you don't hunt them and want to buy them from a specialty market they go for $15-$20 an oz.!!! Incredible.

  2. Morels!! I think these are our favorite spring time meal! Even if we have to pick ticks off ourselves! Yum!

    1. I know Kaylene. I cannot believe how lucky we were to have our friend walk in and hand us that huge bag!! Thanks for stopping by.


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