Monday, May 5, 2014

What the Hail!!!

We had Hail here yesterday.....HAIL!!!!  It is May 5th....Cinco de Mayo....and yesterday Frank and I went for a ride to spend time together celebrating our anniversary.  We were married on May 2, 1992.  The temperatures were in the 90's.  My ice sculptures were melting all over the place!!

This year as we went for our ride, it was raining on one side of the street and the sun was shining and there were blue skies on the other side of the street.  It was bizarre.  Then, as we drove through Port Huron the hail started.  Hail in May!!  We drove further on to Lexington and the rain was still coming down.  We ended up in Port Sanilac and had dinner at Uri's Restaurant.  It was raining when we walked in but we sat by the window and watched the rain turn to sunshine as we enjoyed a lovely dinner.  Our food was good, the service was very nice.  Our only complaint was that there was a wedding shower going on in the restaurant and it was very loud.  We each had a cocktail and a glass of wine with dinner  I had fresh Walleye and Frank had a filet mignon.  Our bill was less than $80 including tip.  You can't beat that, even if you had to listen to all the silly games they were playing at the shower!!

Today marks week #2 with the chicks.  Here they are the first day.  Here they are at 1 week of age.  And here they are today.   Hopefully this weather will quit acting up so that I can move them out of this pool and into their coop.

Then I took a walk outside.  We had popcorn last night so I took the leftovers with me.  The laying hens love popcorn.

It was still early so my old ladies weren't up and about yet.  They stay up in their roost longer and longer each day.  I have  had these 3 for 7 years now.  They are what is left of my original flock.   

This is Martha and Puff.
Martha is my favorite lady.
  She is black and white and her breed is called Silver Laced  Wyandotte.
She was a very good layer but has slowed down now, 2 of my new chicks are of this breed.
Puff is a Cochin.  She is beautiful and has never given me an egg!!

Stella is my Polish hen.
She was waaaaay up in the rafters this morning.
She still gives me a few eggs each week.

After spending some quality time with the hens, the dogs and I went for a walk to the west side of the pond where I have my fruit trees.  I was hoping that they would be doing a little more than what they are but hopefully it is just too early and this crazy weather won't affect my harvest this fall.

We planted 2 more apple trees last fall.
That gives us 4 total
Red Delicious, Green Delicious, Macintosh and Spy.
So far they aren't doing anything.

My cherry tree is getting a few leaves.
I never find any cherries on this tree, only seeds.
But the birds love it LOL.

One of my pear trees are getting some buds but the other is doing nothing yet.

My Peach tree planted last fall has a couple of leaves.
This makes me very happy.


  1. I loved taking a walk with you. All those facts about the chickens are interesting...We get most of our hail here in Kansas in May and June!!

    1. Thanks Paula....Jeez, I hope our hail doesn't last through June LOL.


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