Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Stealing

Since I am sitting here doing basically nothing relaxing, I decided to go ahead and join in on the fun at .  Today's topic is Random 20.

1. Last time you had butterflies in your stomach? 
Yesterday morning when Frank and I got an extra moment to ourselves.  I know, I know TMI!!!

2. What was your last alcoholic beverage? 
Wine, of course, with dinner last night.
3. Who can you trust?
Frank, no matter what, I KNOW he always has my back.

4. Where was your first kiss with your current significant other? 
On the gun range at the department where we both worked....shhhhh don't tell anyone

5. Favorite Band?

6. What is something you've learned about yourself recently? 
That I can throw together a kick butt Wedding in only one week.

7. Do you like anyone?
I like almost everyone.

8. Do you know anyone who is engaged? 
Not anymore...they got married on Wednesday (see above)
9. What's your favorite number?

17, It is the day my Amy was born, it was my age when I became pregnant with my Chuck and it was my badge number as a Police Officer.

10. Who was the last person to make you cry?
The lab technician who did the ultrasound showing us that the baby is a girl.

11. Did you ever go to camp as a kid? 
No, Chuck went every year...he loved it.  Amy went once...she hated it

12. When was the last time you cried? 
When I watched the ultrasound showing us the baby was a girl (see above)

13. What is one thing you miss about your past? 
Freedom....Caring for Mom has taken that from me.

14. What is one thing you've learned about life? 
Most important thing.....Let go and Let God

15. Are you jealous of anyone? 
I am pretty content with my life as it is.....I am not a very jealous type person

16. Is anyone jealous of you?
I hope not....

17. Has a friend ever used you?
I am blessed with the best friends in the world....of course they have used me and I use them....that is what friendship is.....being there for each other.

18. Has anyone recently told you that they like you more than as a friend?
19. Who was the last person you drove with? 
20. What are you looking forward to?
Amy and Doug coming over to spend time with us


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