Friday, May 23, 2014

Wow, that was close, close the door!

It is once again time for 5 Minute Friday with Lisa Jo Baker. This is a fun little exercise where Lisa Jo gives other bloggers a word and asks them to write about whatever that word brings to mind for the next 5 minutes.  The catch, you only get 5 minutes. So you better not waste time over-thinking, over-editing and obsessing about what you should write.  You should just set your timer and start writing.  Then afterwards you should check out what your fellow bloggers had to say and give them some encouragement to start their weekend with a smile.

Today's word is CLOSE.


Today's word is a homograph...a word that is spelled the same but has two different meanings.  I have always been fascinated by words.  I am a crossword nut, a huge reader and a scrabble fan.  As a kid I would just sit and write words.  I would write antonyms and homonyms and homographs just for the fun of writing them.  Yes, I was a weird child!!

So I wasn't sure if today I should talk about how close I am to someone/something or if I should talk about how I sometimes close myself off from someone/something or perhaps I should talk about how nobody around her closes anything ever!!  But then I closely thought about this word close and thought perhaps they aren't so different after all.  You can only be close to someone/something if you decide to close the distance between you.


Of course, I added the graphics after my five minutes of writing otherwise it would have cut it too close and I would have had to close this post without finishing it.


  1. Good morning from your neighbor at Lisa Jo's! I chose to go with close as in near to God and His creation. So, I'm closing up the computer, shutting it tight! And heading outside to enjoy the beauties of this day!

    Thanks for being a part of the start of what awaits!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Linda and enjoy this fabulous day!!

  2. It is a fun word to have 2 meanings. I always add my graphics after the 5 minutes - I figure they are not part of the writing process. Visiting from 5 minute friday -

    1. Thank you for stopping by Rebecca. I hope you enjoy your weekend.

  3. Fabulous and so fun! I have to wait til I can get to my PC and keyboard. I just can't post from the iPad while I'm visiting mom. I wonder now which way I will go with close...

  4. Wendy you always, always make me smile. And that is why I love you!! I love words too and I usually choose the unconventional method of anything...ask my family. I hope your day is as wonderful as you are...


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