Sunday, January 12, 2014

Another Organization Project Started

We spent last Thursday and Friday putting away our Christmas decorations.  The items from the main floor were put into Mom's room until today because I wanted to clean and organize the attic before putting them away.

We are fortunate enough to have a large walk in attic of off Tingting's room.  Unfortunately you could no longer walk in it.   I should have taken some pictures before we removed all of the Christmas stuff (there is tons!!!)  so you could see how truly bad it was but I didn't so you will just have to use your imagination. 
So these are some shots of the attic with all of the Christmas items we used this year removed.
And these few organized storage boxes contain my Fall and Halloween Decorations.
If you recall I worked on organizing my basement storage area in October.
You can see the before pics here and the after pics here.
This made me realize I needed to work on my attic so I started by getting storage bins for these things when the season was over.

This is another section of the attic.
We haven't even started on this yet.
But here is what we completed today.
All of the Christmas Items are in one area of the attic.
The Fall/Halloween items are tucked in a corner.
There is open space next to it.
When I decorate for Spring/Easter I will have room to put storage boxes
filled with those items when the season is over.
That was all we completed today.  With three of us working together we spent 3 hours emptying, vacuuming, sorting and replacing items back into that one little section.
The table is filled with stuff to be donated.
This includes the vacuum and humidifier.
I will load all of these into the truck.
 I will stop at Goodwill between kickboxing and the food pantry tomorrow morning.
Frank and the dogs have their work cut out for them.
Frank has to carry garbage out to be burned.
The dogs have to get under his feet!!
The garbage men are going to hate us tomorrow but I will spare you that photo LOL.  Happy Sunday everyone!


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