Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Trying Something New and Weekly Goal Wednesday

While in Virginia, Amy told me about a company called "Door to Door Organics".  She had used them in the past and was starting up once again.  A basket of food is delivered to your door.  It is all organic and local when possible.  As many of you know I belong to a CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture), RC Organics.  They are wonderful but, of course, being a Michigan farm, they are seasonal.  I decided to try out Door to Door Organics during the off season. My first delivery came today.
This is how the food is delivered
When you open the box this is what you find.
And this is what was inside.

Every Day Goals

Time with my Lord

Make Bed


Swish and Swipe

Empty dishwasher/Load breakfast dishes


Straighten House

Last Week's Goals
Relax and Enjoy our time in Virginia.
Get at least 2 walks in while in Virginia. Not one lousy exercise period the whole time we were there.
Attend 2 kickboxing sessions. Unfortunately my back is not cooperating for today's kickbox session. Although I did get there Monday.
Clean out freezers to make room for this season's meat.  Donate remaining meat from last season to food pantry.
Sort through and Organize Quilting Supplies. I did start on it.
Start new quilting project.
This Week's Goals
Attend 3 Kickboxing Classes
Walk/Run 3 Miles
Finish Organizing Quilting Supplies
Linking up with MSM.  See you there.

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