Monday, January 27, 2014

Just some Fun Stuff

I just wanted to post a couple of fun things that I picked up while on vacation and while at the Dollar Tree today.

I absolutely LOVE going to the dollar store.  Today while I was there I found these adorable giant diamond rings.  I am having a dinner party coming up here for Valentines Day and as soon as I saw these I knew that they would make perfect napkin rings.

Isn't that fun!!!
I think these would also be perfect for a Wedding table setting or for a Wedding Shower.  You could even use them for a little girls Princess Birthday Party.  I was very excited when I found these today!!
I also bought some champagne flutes.  I will write each guests name on the flutes and use them as seating markers as well as little gifts that they can take home with them.  I love to have my guests take a little something home when I have a dinner party.  The last dinner party that I hosted (other than Christmas or Thanksgiving) was a wine tasting dinner and I had found these very cool pumpkins to use as place settings and guest gifts.
The best thing is that for a couple of dollars and 2 minutes time you can make your guests feel very special and welcome and isn't that why we entertain?
I also wanted to share with you a couple of things I got while on vacation in Virginia to add to my collections.  I always buy a Christmas Ornament wherever we go and add them to my tree each year.  I found a perfect ornament while at the Virginia Aquarium.
And when we met Kim and Keith for breakfast I found this wine stopper to add to my collection.
Isn't she adorable??

I may actually use it to stop up a wine bottle "when pigs fly" LOL 


  1. I love the dollar tree! Best deal in town!

  2. I started a Christmas ornament collection as well when we were traveling. I wish I had started it much earlier so I could have covered all the places we have been. Maybe I should do some on-line looking and see what I could come up with....for places like Australia, Singapore, Vietnam etc. I just didn't have the idea back then.

  3. I love the ring napkin holders. What a great idea! Thank for sharing. :)


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