Monday, January 27, 2014

More Snow Monday......

Well it snowed all day yesterday and all through the night and is still snowing this morning.  Schools are all closed again.  These poor kids are still going to be in school in July at this rate.  I can never remember this many school days canceled and tomorrow we have sub zero temperatures so I am betting they remain closed tomorrow also. 

Normally when school is closed our Dojo is closed too but I got a message this morning that kickboxing is still on.  I guess with the schools being closed so often they have given up on the idea LOL. 

Our Winter Wonderland
So my plans for today are to get to kickboxing class, especially since I did not meet my goal of 2 walks while in Virginia.  When I get home I am going to start on my new quilting project and start organizing my fabrics so that I know what I have.  When Frank gets home this afternoon we will empty out our freezers and take our excess to the food pantry. 

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