Monday, January 13, 2014

Meeting Monday

This morning I am meeting up with Kim.  She has been a working fool lately.  The weather kept preventing her from returning home from her home base of  D.C. so she just kept flying to other warm places and gathering up extra work hours.  She is home for a bit now so she is joining me at kickboxing.

I got up early and put my Swiss Steak into the crockpot because today is just one meeting after the other.  After kickboxing I have to meet with the lady who heads up the school auction each year.  They always have used the space that is now our food pantry while gathering items and preparing for the auction.  We are going to figure out a way to give her some space back for a few weeks.

From the Food Pantry I need to stop at the grocery store, get home, finish and serve dinner so that I can head out to the Parish Council Meeting.  There is a yoga class here at the house today which is at the same time that I will be at Parish Council but I still need to get downstairs and ready the room for it.

But, lest you think my day was all work and no play....I did find time for this quick DIY Valentine centerpiece this morning.  Have a great day all.

I grabbed this beautiful plate.
I bought two of them one year to use when I made a Valentine Dinner for us.
I placed this hurricane lamp with a LED candle on the plate.
The lamp and candle were here from a wedding that I attended.
It was the centerpiece on each table and the Bride gave me one.
I poured some conversation hearts into the hurricane and Voila!!

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