Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The end of the old and the start of the new....

We managed to stay awake until Midnight last night.  We feasted on Chinese Food at 8 pm.  Played games until 11:30 pm, and then turned on the TV and watched the ball drop.  As soon as that ball started to descend all the shooters in this group ran out to the deck and had a field day.

Linda and Greg headed home and we all fell into bed by 12:30.  Even Fiona slept in until 6 am!!
Today our TC Family heads back north.  That would normally be a very sad thing for me but this time they bought a new car while they were down here and are coming back in a couple of weeks to pick it up!!!  Yay....I will get home from CA and they will be here that next weekend!!!
This evening, one of my best friends since junior high school, is coming over.  She lives in Texas now so it is a big treat to have her here in Michigan and able to squeeze in time for a visit.  I  am looking forward to it.

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