Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Hunting We Will Go

Our Parish has an Elementary School and one of their big fundraisers of the year is an auction held each February.  It is a fun evening with a buffet dinner, open bar, silent auction and then a live auction.  Last year we bid on a couple of silent auction items and then walked around perusing the items up for live auction.

Frank and I looked at a used car that was going to bid and we talked about how we would bid on this up to a certain amount as my brother had passed away the previous December and his family could really use a car.  We also looked at canvas gazebo and thought we would bid on that also.  We finished window shopping, got ourselves another cocktail and returned to our table.

Among the people sitting at our table were Linda and Greg.  Another couple  had sat down with them and were introduced to us.  This couple arranged African Safaris and Greg and Linda were telling us how they had bid on one the previous year but had yet to take the trip.  We looked through photo albums, we heard stories about how many animals there were and what a great experience it was.  We had a couple more cocktails and snacks while we talked. I mentioned during the conversation that I had always dreamed of doing an African Safari and hoped I would get the opportunity before I died.  I want to mention, at this point in the story, that at no time did Frank and I discuss this amongst ourselves.

We had dinner and then the live auction began.  The gazebo starting bid was more than we had decided to pay so we never got a chance to bid on that.  The car came up and Frank bid twice before it went out of our price range.  The last item to be auctioned was the Safari.  The bidding started and before I knew what was happening, Frank was bidding!! I sat there stunned as I watched him bid not once, not twice but five times before he "won" the African Safari.

As I write this now and think back to that night, I should not have been undoing was when I said that I wanted to go on a Safari.  As I may have mentioned before, Frank's main goal in life appears to be making me happy. I have to bite my tongue when we are shopping because anything I see that I think is cute or that I stop to look at with more than a passing glance turns into a huge discussion about how I should get the item.   If we watch a commercial on television and I mention that I like something the next thing I know he is coming home with it.  For Pete's sake, one time he almost bought me a T-Bird convertible because I had mentioned in passing that I thought they were the coolest car in the world.  I had to call our friend, who was in car sales, and tell him that we really weren't interested in owning one...I just thought they were wonderful cars!!!

Anyways, this long story is being told to you now because this afternoon we are going to a reception to learn more about this Safari that we now own.  I will tell you what we learn when I get back.

I wonder what we will end up owning this year!!!!! 


  1. Your Frank sounds just like my Richard. Cherish him

    1. I do Paula. Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for giving me such a great man.


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