Friday, January 10, 2014

Girls that Kick

Today is my first "Girls that Kick" class at Lifecare Martial Arts.  This class is being led by my Chiropractor's son, Tyler Brady.  My Chiropractor here in Michigan is Dr. Bill Brady of Lifecare Chiropractic Center.  Dr. Bill is not just a wonderful chiropractor but I also consider him a friend.  I have attended many of his Martial Arts classes and I am anxious to try out his son's class.  I will let you know how it goes.

This girl got her butt kicked in class.  I am very out of shape.  I used to be able to sail through a kickboxing class and be ready for more.  I actually got light headed and nauseous this morning while exercising.  All this means is that it is more important than ever that I get into the habit of going 3 days a week and get myself healthy again.

This afternoon was spent taking down the rest of the Christmas decorations and getting the house ready for Jen and Randy's visit.

Dinner tonight was Mexican Fish Bake and Mexican Vegetable Rice.  They are easy and tasty recipes that I found on 

I think the only thing that makes this Mexican is the addition of Cayenne Pepper.
This makes a great side dish for any meal.
I had one piece of cod sans cheese. 
 Ting is not a big cheese fan.

Now we are going to put our furniture back to it normal positions, take our wine and relax in the hot tub.  Have a wonderful night all.


  1. Saw your link on MSM. Congrats on starting a new class, give yourself some time and before you know it you will be a pro in your class. And by the way, your fish dish above looks delicious!

    1. Thanks CJ. I used to do a lot of martial arts, kickboxing, running, etc...but it has been about a year since I have been active. I am looking forward to getting back to where I was. The fish was delicious and I am glad you stopped by.


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