Saturday, January 25, 2014

A morning of Reminiscing....

We met with our friends, the Sawyers, today.  Keith Sawyer and Frank served in Nam together while in the Navy.  They were best friends, stood up for each other's first marriage and then life got in the way and they lost touch with each other.  Around 10 years ago, right before Frank was diagnosed with cancer, he was on a website doing some research on the ship on which he served, the USS Robison.  Frank's brother had commissioned an artist to paint Frank's ship during battle and Frank needed some stats.  While on this site he came across a message asking if anyone had heard from Frank Klik.  Frank responded to that message and then was contacted by Keith Sawyer. 

Keith told Frank that he had placed that message 3 years earlier and had forgotten all about it.  Keith and his second wife were now living in PA.  Frank told Keith that he had also gotten remarried and we made arrangements to meet.  Prior to this meeting, Kim and I became fb friends.  Shortly after Keith and Frank reunited, Kim was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy.  I had never met her in person but I joined with her prayer team and she came through with flying colors.  After Kim was healed up, she and Keith made arrangements to come and visit.  The day before they were to arrive, the doctor had advised us that Frank had kidney cancer.  We had not yet told anyone about this. 

Keith and Kim arrived on our doorstep, sat down at our table and after greeting them and catching up we told them about Frank's diagnosis.  We sat up until all hours of the night.....talking, laughing, crying and hugging....there is nothing like tragedy to bring people together.  I truly believe God sent Keith and Kim to us at that exact moment to help us through this difficulty. 

We do not get to see each other near enough to suit us but we do keep in touch and have been blessed to be able to see each other every couple of years.  It was great spending time with them today.  We had a wonderful breakfast and then went to the Aviation Museum and spent several hours together walking around and catching up.  It was a wonderful day!!

Good Times with Good Friends.


  1. How is Frank now with the kidney cancer? What a wonderful story!

    1. They removed one of his kidneys. The tumor was encased within the kidney and it had not spread. He didn't need any further treatment for the cancer. He went back every year for 5 years and on the last visit, before they would have pronounced him cancer free, they found cysts in the other kidney. Not cancer but they have him go back every 6 months to keep an eye on it.


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