Sunday, January 26, 2014

Home Sweet Home

We are back home, safe and sound.  When we pulled in the driveway, Ting was out shoveling in front of the garage to make access for us.  Now Frank is out on the tractor plowing the rest of the driveway.

On the flight home I finished reading Defending Jacob.  Upon completion, Amy asked me if it was a good book.  She is also an avid reader and had picked up The Book Thief while we were at the airport at my suggestion. 

Was Defending Jacob a good book?  It was captivating, as evidenced by how quickly I read it.  It kept my interest and it called me back whenever I put it down.  It was well written.  It was interesting.  Was it good?  It was is one of those books that will remain with me for a long while.  It was a disturbing book for me.  Being a parent, I could relate with the parents.  Being a cop, I could relate with the D.A.  Was it Good?.......Read it.....I would be interested in hearing your opinion.

I have now started "New York Dead" by Stuart Woods.


  1. I felt the same way. The dilemma that the parents faced was so difficult. You are right - haunting.

    1. Yes Kathleen, and if I am not mistaken this was the author's first book. I thought he did a tremendous job. Thank you for stopping by.


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