Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Fail......

I am sitting here telling myself all the reasons I can't go to kickboxing class this morning.  Frank is working from home today.  The house needs to be straightened. I have errands to run.  My back is still touchy.  I could just stay in the warm house and go on the treadmill.  I could start on decorating for the Chinese New Year Dinner Party.  It is cold and snowy outside.  I could go for a mani/pedi instead.  And on and on and on and on....

The truth is I am feeling lazy.  I don't feel like kickboxing this morning.  I know that once I get there and get started I will be fine....but I DON'T FEEL LIKE IT!!  So I sit here continuing to lie to myself and I tell myself that we are told to listen to our bodies, aren't we?? 

I still have 45 minutes to decide. I say that but truth be known....the decision was made as soon as I laid around in bed this morning instead of getting up and getting my morning routine done in a timely manner.  Hopefully Monday I will have more OOOMPH and less UGH.

If I had my way today, I would stay cuddled up in bed with my book....and I might give myself a half hour to do so.  But there are things that HAVE to be done today.  Most importantly, I have to get to our local Meijer store.  They are giving the food pantry a very wonderful donation today and the person in charge is at the store from 8-12 so it is necessary to get in there this morning.

I also need to get on my morning routine, take care of the chickens and brush my Buddy Boy who is shedding like crazy. 
My old grumpy man.
He is still my favorite but don't tell the other two.
They think they are my favorites.
Ok, now that I have confessed my laziness today....I am giving myself that half hour to cuddle with my book and then I am getting moving here.  Dinner out with friends tonight and painting class tomorrow.  Hope you all have a happy, productive Friday.

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  1. When we get to retirement age I think it is okay to be as lazy as we want to be. Heck, I take a nap every single day! Couldn't survive without one. Hope your Friday is wonderful


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