Friday, August 17, 2012

Vegetable and Fruit Side Dishes

Asparagus Tips with Cucumber Vinaigrette (5/10/14)
Avocado and Corn Salad (6/19/18)
Bacon Wrapped Asparagus (9/1/17) FMD
Baked Squash stuffed with Applesauce(10/23/13)
Baked Beans (2/9/14)
Baked Lentils (2/20/16)
Baked Pineapple (3/15/14)
Beans and Greens (10/3/15)
Beet Slaw (1/9/18)
Black Beans and Rice (4/26/15)
Broccoli Blue Cheese Gratin (3/19/18)
Butternut Squash Pizzettas (1/16/18)
Canned Peach Slices (8/21/15)
Cauliflower Gratin (8/15/17)
Corn and Summer Squash Saute(7/29/14)
Corn and Jalapeno Saute (10/11/14)
Corn Casserole (8/21/17)
Couscous with Apples and Chives (10/20/15)
Cranberry Sauce(11/28/13)
Creamed Corn and Zucchini with Jalapeno (9/22/15)
Dandelion Pickles (4/26/16)
Dill Pickles (8/1/15)
Fried Apples (11/21/13)
Fried Green Tomatoes (10/31/16)
Fried Plantains (4/14/16)
Garlic Green Beans(11/28/13)
Glazed Carrots (9/24/13)
Gratin of Onions (8/19/14)
Green Bean and Potato Salad (5/9/17)
Green Bean Casserole (11/28/14)
Grilled Asparagus with Lemon Marinade (6/12/18)
Grilled Asparagus with Lemon and Mint (3/28/16) SRC
Grilled Bok Choy (7/19/15)
Grilled Carrots with Red Skin Potatoes (7/17/16)
Grilled Corn on the Cob(8/11/14)
Grilled Corn Salad (5/16/18)
Grilled Corn Salad with Tomato and Avocado (6/29/17)
Grilled Fruit Salad (6/30/18)
Grilled Ratatouille (6/6/18)
Grilled Vegetable Salad (6/8/15)
Honey Spiced Peaches (8/21/15)
Just Ducky Baked Beans (9/24/14)
Kale with Apples and Onions (10/11/14)
Mushroom Barley (2/3/18)
Mushroom Bread Pudding (9/2/15)
Peach and Strawberry Platter with Balsamic Drizzle (7/13/17)
Pickled Green Beans (8/30/14)
Pickled Spiced Beets (10/5/13)
Pierogi (4/27/15) (SRC)
Refrigerator Pickles (9/3/13)
Roasted Asparagus (2/8/15)
Roasted Beets and Carrots with Balsamic Glaze (3/30/14)
Roasted Broccoli with Toasted Pine Nuts (7/2/14)
Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Cranberries (11/21/16)
Roasted Cauliflower (10/11/14)
Roasted Fingerling Potatoes and Delicata Squash (11/2/17)
Roasted Maple Glazed Carrots (12/7/16)
Roasted Mushrooms (3/1/18)
Roasted Veggies in the Slow Cooker (10/19/15) SRC
Sauteed Greens (4/27/14)
Sauteed Kale with Toasted Pine Nuts (1/17/17)
Sauteed Onions and Mushrooms (4/14/14)
Sauteed Spinach with Mushrooms and Onions (3/12/15)
Spiced Apples (11/10/15)
Spring Pea and Mint Salad (4/10/15)
Stir Fry Vegetables (3/20/13)
Stuffing (11/28/13)
Sweet and Sour Cabbage (2/26/14)
Sweet Potato Salad (8/14/16)
Vegetable Couscous (12/5/14)
Vegetable Pasta Salad (5/18/14)
Waldorf Salad (5/9/16) SRC
Warm Brussels Sprouts Salad (1/5/16)
Warm Brussels Sprouts Slaw (12/19/17)
Watermelon and Feta Salad (8/20/16)
White Bean, Bacon and Rosemary Salad (6/10/15)
White Bean Salad (10/25/13)
Zoodles with Thai Peanut Sauce (6/20/17)

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