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Zoodle Slaw #CooktheBooks

This easy to make salad is a great way to use up some of those zucchini squash that are so abundant right now. 

I am sharing this recipe as a result of my Cook the Books Club selection...

Cook the Books Club

Our selection for this period was chosen by Deb of Kahakai Kitchen.  She invited us to read the "true adventures of David Fairchild, a late 19th century food explorer".

This was an interesting, if somewhat textbook like, read.  I guess I never really gave much thought as to how certain foods were brought here to be farmed.  I guess I just thought the people who emigrated from other countries brought them with them but that, I found out, was not the case.

Our department of agriculture sent people out to explore other countries and bring back foods that could be grown here.  This was mainly because the farmers of this era were trampling all over themselves with wheat and corn and unable to maintain a living with so much competition.

Fairchild, traveled extensively and brought so many foods to our country that we now take for granted.  All of the tropical fruits grown in Florida.  Kale and Cabbage, Peaches and Pomegranates, the list goes on and on and on.  Even to include Cotton and Cherry Blossom Trees.

But here is the story found on pg 101 of the book that caught my attention, mostly because I was in need of finding a way to get rid of an abundance of zucchini.

 "Fairchild spent a short layover with Dr. Francesco Franceschi, a long nosed plant enthusiast who cut for his visitor a slice of a curious squash--"Zucchini", he called it, emphasizing the full whimsy of the Italian name.  Zucchini was new to Fairchild, and as a result of his tasting it in California, it qualified for plant introduction to farmers around the country."
It went on to say that unlike the huge squash that your neighbors bring over because they didn't harvest them soon enought.....
"Nature's real intent was for zucchini to be eaten small, before it's blossoms fell--it's name Italian for "little squash".
So save those giant zucchini for making breads, jam, cakes and muffins but when serving this slaw or cooking to eat by itself or in enchiladas, breakfast casseroles, or stand alone dishes like these zoodles with  Thai peanut sauce, you want to use flavorful, small squash.

To learn more about how you can join in our Cook the Books Club stop by the Guidelines page. Our selection for October/November is The Temporary Bride by Jennifer Klinec.  We would love to have you join us.

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Yield: 8 Servings

Zoodle Slaw

This easy to make salad is a great way to use up some of those zucchini squash that are so abundant right now.
prep time: 40 Mcook time: total time: 40 M


  • 4 small zucchini squash
  • 1 t. kosher salt
  • 1 bunch scallions, white and light green parts, sliced
  • 5-6 mint leaves, chopped
  • 2 t. fresh oregano, minced
  • 1/4 c. olive oil
  • juice and zest of 1 lemon
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • shaved Parmesan cheese


How to cook Zoodle Slaw

  1. Using a food processor fitted with the shredding blade, a spiralizer or a mandolin, julienne the zucchini into long threads like noodles.
  2. Toss with the salt and place into a colander to drain for about half an hour.  Transfer to a salad spinner and spin dry.
  3. Place zucchini into a large bowl with the scallions, mint, zest  and oregano.  Whisk together the olive oil and lemon juice.  Season with salt and pepper and pour over the zucchini.  Toss to combine and top with shaved cheese.


Adapted from a recipe found in Cuisine at Home
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  1. I love zoodles! And though the book was slow, in retrospect, I did learn a lot from it. So, I guess it wasn't so bad. Thanks for joining the fun.

  2. I was caught by that same statement, and went out almost immediately and bought some zucchini seeds to plant! It's something I've not grown before, but since you really can't find the small (before the blossoms fall) squash in the store, thought that the only way we could have it would be growing my own.

  3. Textbook is right! It was a very fascinating read, but so slow! Great recipe, I've never made zoodles!

    1. It was slow reading. You will love zoodles, so fun and delicious.

  4. I love zucchini and zoodles and the flavors in your slaw sound delicious. I agree that the book has a bit dry at times, but I'm glad you joined in. ;-)

  5. I just saw small zucchini in our local market today - wish I’d bought some now so that I could make this recipe!

  6. I like my zucchini small and possibly with the blossom still attached. However, I have never eaten zucchini raw: your recipe tells me it is time I changed that. Great choice!


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