Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Try it Tuesday

I thought you might like to start your morning with a smile as we do each day.

Every Morning Buddy and Bella run into our rooms with their toy and start playing.  We lounge in bed with our coffee and watch them going crazy.  It always starts the day off with a laugh, even if it is only 6:30 in the morning.
Once they get tired out, we are usually done with our first cup of coffee and our day begins.
This is the last Tuesday that Dawn will have Mom for the winter months.  She will be changing her day to Monday's because she works Wednesdays and when she has to get up with Mom at 7am and then go to work that night she ends up being awake for nearly 24 hrs. and we know that's not going to work.  She graciously agreed to take Mom out for dinner tonight and then bring her home here, put her to bed and wait for either Tingting or us to get home because we had already made dinner plans with our friends, the Doumas.

So now Monday's will be our date night, when I don't have yoga and/or parish council meeting.  Yoga stops during the holidays and parish council only meets once a month so it will all work out. If you have been following my blog you know that Mondays are Meatless Mondays on the menu and Fridays are Fish Fridays.  Starting next week, since I will be cooking on Tuesdays now we are going to have Try it Tuesdays.  I will try a new recipe of some sort each Tuesday.  I am looking forward to sharing them with you.

We have a busy day in front of us today.  We are going to Costco to have new tires put on the car and stock up on all our necessities.....coffee, toilet paper, paper towel, dishwashing detergent.....you know all that exciting stuff that you can't live without. When we get back our friend Jean is coming over.  She got a shotgun from her husband for her birthday but has never shot one so Frank is going to work with her on that. While he is doing that I am going to tackle my basement storage area as I have vowed for Organizing in October.  Then we are meeting friends for dinner at a restaurant called "Bacco".  I have always wanted to go there but never have, today we will because, after all, it is Try it Tuesday!!

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