Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Good Day

Mom awoke in a very cooperative mood this morning.  She came downstairs for her coffee still in her nightgown at my request because Frank was using the shower.  She usually refuses to come down until she is completely dressed and made up but today she just said okay and came on down. She walked down the stairs like a teenager, not one complaint about her foot and the swelling is down...wooooohoooooo!!  When Frank was done with the shower, I told Mom it was time for hers and she said "Right this very minute?" and I thought, uhoh here we go, but I responded "Yep right this very minute" and she got right up and went into the bathroom!!  Often, during her shower she complains the water is too hot, I will pretend to adjust it and then she will say it is too cold and she gripes and carries on until I start washing her back and then she is happy as a lark.  Today... not one complaint, as soon as I started spraying her down she remarked how good it felt....Yay.  Then came the biggest success of the day....SHOES.....I went shopping in Ting's closet and found a pair of flat shoes for Mom to wear as I don't want her to twist her ankle again.  Mom normally REFUSES to wear anything without a heel.  It is a constant fight, I had to donate all her high heels so she wouldn't wear them and got her some new shoes with only 2" heels but that was a rough few days until she got used to wearing "such ugly shoes".  Well, I handed her the shoes from Ting's closet and she said "Well aren't those cute"  put them on and came out to show Nancy her new shoes!!!!
Mom's pretty pink shoes.  When I asked her to turn so I could take a pic she commented again on how cute they are.  I am Happy, Happy, Happy.
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  1. Maybe it is the moon :) My husband does the same thing in the shower. "too hot" too cold".....sometimes I just want to spray him You sound like you are so Patient....

  2. Oh Paula, if you only knew the thoughts that run through my mind!! I too, have been tempted to aim that spray right into her face LOL. It is very stressful and of course we lose our temper. The good thing is that 5 seconds after we lose it and yell at them they have forgotten all about it. The bad thing is we spend the next 3 days beating ourselves up about it. We need to learn to be kind and understanding to ourselves.

    1. That is so true! Good luck with being kind and understanding with yourself....


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