Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mom Renamed my Puppy

Mom has decided that this puppy's name should be "little shit" as in "Isn't that a cute little shit?", "That little shit just bit my foot", "That little shit is always under my feet", "That little shit is trying to get my blanket".   Each time, I tell her the puppy's name is Fiona and Mom replies "Oh, it's a girl, she's a cute little shit".
"Look how that little shit is sleeping"
Today is Mom's hair day.  Normally she says she doesn't need to go get her hair done but today she said "Thank God, I really need it", so that is a good thing.  She is getting the works today, a cut and a perm.  In a couple of weeks we will get color.  Mom can't understand why I have gray hair coming in when she has never had to color her hair. Of course, I am two years older than she, just ask her.
Mom enjoyed Bingo yesterday and she was excited because she won.  She must have been really impressed because she remembered that she won 2 hours later when I got home and she said she always has a good time when she goes there.
Mom won this cute little center piece stuffed with miniature Milky Ways which she loves.

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