Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Morning Ritual

Ritual is very important in Mom's life.  She is comfortable with routine even if she doesn't realize it is routine.  Every morning after breakfast she and Nancy play cards until lunchtime and then after lunch they watch the game show network.  This morning during breakfast Nancy commented that she can't stay up to watch Parenthood or Chicago Fire because they both start at 10 pm.  I told her that I would set up the DVR to tape them for her so that she could watch them with Mom.  Mom piped in and said "Oh that would be nice, I never watch tv".  When Nancy got out the cards Mom said "well, I don't know if I will remember how to play, it has been ages since I played any cards". 
I told Nancy that we went out for dinner with Frank's Mom last night and Mom said how funny that was because she dreamt that we had gone out for dinner with Frank's Mom.  I told her it wasn't a dream that it had really happened and she said she didn't understand how she could have gone to dinner with us last night when she just arrived here this morning. 
Oh well, at least she is happy in her confusion and is normally in very good spirits.
The Morning Ritual.
Wednesdays are shower days around here and we usually stay home on Wednesday nights, however tonight we are going out for dinner so we will see if I am able to get Mom into the shower when we get home.  I hope so because I have a 9 am meeting in the morning so I would have to get her into the shower very early if we wait until tomorrow.

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