Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Welcome to Wednesday

Sometime during the night Mom awoke and took not only the outer bandage off of her foot but shredded the inner bandage to bits getting it off.  It is one of the most difficult parts of this disease trying to get her to understand when something needs to be different and even if you can convince her the minute you turn your back she is undoing whatever it was because she can't remember what you just convinced her of.  When Pop's was on oxygen towards the end of his life she would go into his room and turn it off because it was noisy.  We could not get her to understand that Pop's needed the noisy machine in order to breathe.  Finally my brother, Larry, and Frank moved the machine to the basement and drilled a hole through the floor for the tubing to run through.  That solved that problem but I can't very well take Mom's foot and put it in the basement so we just rewrapped it with the ace bandage the best we could and if her foot is not better by the time we go back to the Doc's next Monday, he will have to figure out some other way to stabilize it.  Very frustrating!!!
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