Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mom breaks her foot and I am losing my mind......

Well when Mom awoke this morning she was still complaining of pain whenever she tried to put any weight on her right foot.  So she and I took off to the ER and Frank took off to sing at Mass.  They took an xray of Mom's foot and sure enough there is a stress fracture and a bone chipped out of the top of her foot near her ankle.  The ER doctor said that normally they would splint and boot it but due to Mom's age there is a greater danger of her losing her balance in the boot which could cause her to fall and break a hip so he just put a walking boot on it and I have to call an orthopedic specialist in the morning to follow up on treatment.
Mom at the ER after they put the walking boot on.  She cannot figure out what is going on.
The visit to the ER was very stressful for both of us.  Mom's blood pressure was very high and she broke out in hives which is her body's normal reaction when she gets stressed.  She was very concerned because she had on only this "ugly shoe" and nothing on the other foot.  She did not want to leave the hospital wearing that....she needed her shoes......there was nothing wrong with her foot...look how ugly that shoe is.....what about her other foot....why was she here.....and on and on and on.
Things are not any better here at home.  Every minute and a half she is asking about the shoe, trying to take it off, trying to get up off the couch, asking how I know her foot is broken, denying she had been at the hospital, accusing me of lying to her because I don't want her off the couch,  asking how her foot got broken, over and over and over.....I think I am going to have a nervous breakdown before this is all over. 
We brought Mom's lazy boy recliner down from her bedroom and I have her set up there now with an ice pack and a glass of wine.  I'm praying she falls asleep for a bit so I can breathe.  She is not allowed to climb stairs so we will have to put her in our room for a while and we will sleep on the air mattress in the living room until she can do stairs again.
And the adventure continues........

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