Thursday, October 31, 2013

Books, Books and More Books

Amy got me Michael Pollan's new book, Cooked, for my birthday and I finally got an opportunity to start it last night.  I love Michael Pollan.  His writings have played a large part in my decision to raise my own meat in a kind, loving manner with no hormones or antibiotics and to only buy meat that is raised the same way.  I am looking forward to reading his new book and sharing tidbits of it with you.  Have any of you read Cooked yet?  What did you think?

I was finally able to start this book because I finished the People of the Book which was not a bad story but took me a long time to get through because it never compelled me to run back to it.

This morning my friend, Sandy, and I are going shopping to get a shower gift for our friend, Linda's, grandson who is due soon.  In lieu of a card I like to buy books to start a baby's library.  I purchased Good Night Moon and I was going to get Pat the Bunny but now they have Pat the Zoo so I got that instead.

Studies have shown that reading with children, giving them a love of reading, sets them up for a much better scholastic career.  I have seen this proven true with my own children and nieces and nephews.  Those that loved to read seemed to have an easier time with their studies.  I also love giving books to Toys for Tots at Christmas.  I try to buy them from Kohls Cares Line who offer books and matching stuffed animals for a very reasonable price and donate proceeds from each sale to support Kids Health and Education. This way I feel like I am donating twice with each purchase

This year they are showcasing Peanuts.


And offering Snoopy along with the books.

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