Friday, October 18, 2013

Freaky Friday

Frank and I did some errands this morning and then we picked up his Mom and Aunt Irene and took them out for lunch.

When we got home we worked some more in the basement, slowly but surely we are getting organized down there.  It is very rewarding but very time consuming.

We met with a group of friends for dinner. Two of whom ordered "The Beast".
"The Beast" is one huge hamburger. If you eat it all you win a t-shirt.  Paul was able to make it about half way through before he cried uncle.
John not only ate that whole burger but had french fries too!!
Then we headed over to the Haunted House.  I am not a fan of Haunted Houses...I think that I had to check too many dark buildings during my career never knowing if the bad guy was going to be around the next corner.  It kind of killed the fun of anticipating being scared.  But so as to not be a spoil sport I bought a ticket and walked on in. 
We walked through with our friends, Rob and Linda Green.
This gentleman escorted us out through the exit.
And here we are, safe and sound.  We survived Freaky Friday!!! 

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