Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 2-Mom falls

Nancy took Mom to lunch yesterday before dropping her off at Dawn's and evidently Mom took a spill while at the restaurant.  Dawn called me yesterday afternoon to tell me about it and ask my opinion about treatment.  Dawn said that Mom did not recall falling but that Nancy said she had fallen on her hip and knee and that Mom was now complaining that her foot hurt.  Mom was able to walk and when Dawn asked her again about her foot she looked at Dawn like she was crazy and said there was nothing wrong with her foot.  That is a big problem with this disease, when Mom does hurt herself she forgets about it almost instantly and only remembers if she leans on the bruise or reinjures herself somehow and then she only remembers for a moment.  I guess this is good for Mom but it is hard for those of us who care for her to know how badly she is injured.  I advised Dawn to just give Mom some Motrin and keep an eye on her.  I did not hear back from Dawn and Mom was in bed when we got home.  Ting said that Mom did not complain of pain at all while she had her before she went to bed.

It is 8:30 am now and Mom is still sleeping.  This is unusual but not unheard of.  She greeted me with snores when I was putting out her clothes for the day.  I follow the rule that you never waken sleeping babies or sleeping elderly.  Nancy should be here in a moment and I am sure that Buddy will be a barking fool and awaken her.  He does not follow that rule!!

Mom does not have any bruising but does have some pain but doesn't mention it unless you ask her about it.  However she does complain about pain in the upper pad of her right foot when she walks which is strange because she fell on her left side.  I took a look at it but couldn't see anything.  Wednesdays are shower nights for Mom so I will get a better look at it tonight while I am bathing her.

About 10 yrs. ago, before any thoughts of how my life would be now that I am caring for Mom, we redid our master bath, removed the tub and put in this luxury shower.  It has been a God-send.  There is a bench for her to sit on and plenty of room for me to get in with her and help her bathe.  If, God forbid, she is ever unable to walk I would be able to take a bath chair right into the shower.
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  1. That is a beautiful shower, Wendy mom is Blessed to have a wonderful daughter like you.

  2. Thanks David, and thanks for stopping in at my blog.

  3. Wow I would love to have that shower here. That is my hardest job with my husband is getting him in and out of the shower

    1. It does make life much easier and the fact that Mom is only 100 lbs soaking wet helps also. Check with your insurance company and see what products they will provide to make this job easier for you. Perhaps a bath chair might help? I will be praying for you both.


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