Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Once Again....Life gets in the way

Frank stopped by to check on his Mom yesterday and she sent home dinner for us.  It was delicious.    Beef  Stroganoff which coincidently was on my weekly menu for Wednesday.  So...no Meatless Monday, we had Mom's stroganoff instead and now instead of Stroganoff on Wednesday I think we will have Short Ribs.

I decided last night that I needed to get a crate for our new puppy because I have a lot of running around to do today and I need to keep her safe while I can't be with her.  So after yoga Kim and I ran up to Meijer and got her one.  She fell asleep next to me while I was watching tv and I got up and put her in the crate and she continued sleeping for quite a while.  When she awoke, I took her out and she went potty then I gave her a treat and put her back in the crate.  She was great while she ate her treat and then was ready to get out but unfortunately it was our bed time.  So she carried on for about 2 minutes and then settled down and went to sleep.  Around 2:30 she awoke and Frank took her out to go potty. Again when he put her back she cried and whimpered for a few minutes and then went back to sleep.  At 5:30 she awoke and I got her out, fed her, let her do her business and then she went back to bed with us until 7 when our day began.

 Fiona's day started with play time.
And of course Bella needs to get in on the action.
I had to go to the Food Pantry to work on the back pack program and then I had an appointment at the salon so before I left I put Fiona back in the crate.  I guess she was not as amenable to it today and whined the whole time I was gone.  Not only did Nancy have to listen to her whining but had to keep telling Mom what that noise was.....she had a tough day today.  When she left here she said she was going home and having a glass of wine LOL.
Today is Try it Tuesday so I pulled 2 recipes off of Allrecipes.com but as always when I make recipes I tweaked them to match my family's taste and my pantries contents.  So for the Ham Steak, the recipe called for 2 different types of apples, one red and one green.  I had one kind of apple and some pears in my fridge so I used one of each. And I used pure maple syrup.
The ham turned out deliciously.  I liked the addition of the pears, I think it cut the sweetness and added to the texture of the dish.
For the Potatoes, I didn't have Russets.  I used Michigan Potatoes from my CSA.  Instead of heavy cream and reduced fat milk I used half and half and I didn't have any cheddar cheese but I did have some Mexican Cheese left from my dinner on Fiesta Friday so I used that instead.
The potatoes were ok, people even had seconds but the family consensus was that they prefer the au gratin potatoes that I normally make.
Have a great night all.  I am ready to curl up on my chair with Fiona.

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