Friday, October 25, 2013

Our Weekend Off

I sent Mom off with Nancy for a mani/pedi and lunch after which Nancy will drop her off to spend the weekend with Dick and Jackie.

It is exciting for me to have a weekend home without Mom.  Normally when I send her off it is because we are going out of town but this weekend we will be sticking around home for much of the time.  It is the little things I miss about my life as it used to be.  I was able to listen to music today while I was preparing for my guests instead of game shows.  I was not asked one time "What can I do you for?"  The only one following me around as I readied the house was the puppy and not one time did it ask what it could do to help.  It is very nice that Mom wants to help but if you find something for her to do you have to keep stopping what you are doing to help her do what didn't need to be done to begin with and to answer the same question for the hundredth time in an hour. 

Tomorrow morning, Frank and I will be able to have coffee in the hot tub while watching the leaves fall and the early morning wildlife strolling our yard.  In the past we have had deer, wild turkeys and once a fox...and of course there are always the birds, squirrels, rabbits and water fowl to entertain us.
But mostly we will have a chance to reconnect.  Many times our days and weeks are so busy that we think we tell each other things when in reality all we have really conversed about are our everyday responsibilities.

Life is good.....all the time...and then sometimes it is excellent.

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