Saturday, October 12, 2013

And to All a Good Night

So last night we had our friends, the Greens and the Wronas, over for dinner.  We started out with margaritas and chips with guacamole then proceeded in for dinner and dessert.  After dinner, Linda Green (another Linda, my life is full of them) brought out her computer and we were looking at pictures, reminiscing, laughing and having a great time.  All of the sudden, Mom stands up, looks at me and says "Well, Wendy we better get going".  I explained to her that we were home, that we lived here and she wondered why she didn't recognize it then.  I said she was probably just tired and I could walk her upstairs if she wanted and she said "Oh no, I can stand it for a little longer until these people leave".  Well we all had a good laugh but, of course, they all took the hint and started getting ready to was 9 pm after another exciting Friday night in the Klik household LOL.

Today I will take Mom with me to the farm.  She loves going for drives and I will answer the same questions as I do each week....How did I find the farm?, What will I get from the farm?  How long have I been going to the farm?  How far away is the farm?  How did I find the farm? What will I get from the farm.......well you get the idea.

This afternoon we are going to our friend's John and Kirsten's for dinner.  Mom normally enjoys being with them but you never know.....we'll see how she is today.

After the farm today we stopped at the grocery store and while we were in there Mom complained that her foot hurt around her ankle. On the way over to John and Kirsten's Mom said she was very excited because she had never been over there before today.  While walking up to the Lents' house Mom again complained that her ankle was hurting.  When we got home we took a look and her right foot is a little swollen around the ankle and across the top of the foot.  It looks as though she may have twisted it.  We'll have to keep an eye on it.  It is unusual for Mom to complain of pain.

This is Mom and Pops (on the right) with friends from the Senior Center they attended for years.  These friends were both widowed and decided to get married.  They asked Mom and Pops to witness for them because they were impressed by how long they had been married and how much in love they still remained.  The pastor is in the middle.

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