Monday, October 14, 2013

It's Not a Break and I Get a Couple of Breaks

Took Mom in to the Orthopedic Specialist and received the good news that her foot is not broken.  The Doc gave her a shot of Cortisone in the top of her foot and wrapped it.  She goes back next Monday.

Mom goes to Dawn's tonight but we won't have date night because I have a Parish Council Meeting.  So Meatless Monday dinner at home before hand.

I was supposed to take Frank's Mom in for some tests today but then had this come up with Mom so Frank took his Mom for the tests and lunch afterwards.

Living on this Farm is very rewarding but it is also a lot of work.  We were blessed for a few years by having Frank's cousin, Dave, work for us as an all around handyman while he was finishing school and looking for a job.  He did get a great job and we were very happy for him but really missed him around here.  I did hire a young man from the neighborhood and he did whatever I asked but he was just a young man and needed to have a leader.  Dave just goes out there, looks around, sees what needs to be done and does it.  And he does it to perfection....he is very OCD which is wonderful for anyone who employs him.  So Saturday Dave called and told us he got laid off...I am sorry he got laid off but I have to be honest....I was doing my happy dance all over the house.  He is here today.  My chicken coop is shining, my turkey yard is cleaned, my pig pen no longer looks like a pig sty. I am one happy lady!!!
Hen House is Spotless
Turkeys are Happy
And the Pigs are Pleased as Punch.
Went down to the basement at 1 pm to do my organizing and didn't emerge until just now when Frank got home.  It is really coming along.  I think it will be completed this weekend since Mom will be at Dawn's so Frank and I can just go down there and crank it out!!  Only problem is that now I don't feel like cooking so I think Frank is taking me out before my meeting instead.  Have a good night all.


  1. I would like to cone over ne day and farm shadow with David:) I do want to learn the ins and outs of small farm work.


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