Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rough Night for Mom and Dawn

Mom decided last night that she no longer wanted the bandage on her foot and kept trying to take it off.  Dawn finally ended up giving her a Motrin PM and sitting with her until she fell asleep.  Well sometime during the night Mom awoke and took off her pretty pink bandage and tried to take of the inner plaster bandage that needs to be cut off.  Dawn and Nancy searched the house for the pink bandage to no avail.  I swear Mom must have been a pirate in a previous life because when she hides her treasures no one ever finds them!!! Luckily Dawn had an ace bandage in her first aid kit and rewrapped her foot with that.  Mom, of course, has no idea what we are talking about and every time you mention her foot she looks at it and says "Oh, what happened to my foot?".
For Mom and Pop's 70th Anniversary Larry and Mary had this quilt made using photos of all their children and spouses as well as photos of Mom and Pops through the years.

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