Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday, good to me.

Kind of a haphazard day today.  Ting's new (used) car has a headlight out.  Frank tried changing the bulb to no avail so as soon as Nancy gets here we have to take her car in for service.  She is taking Frank's car to work and Frank will have to take the truck today.  Then I hope to get my walk in before my 11 am meeting.  I am meeting the person in charge of the Algonac Pantry to give her some of our excess to distribute from her site.  It doesn't matter to me who distributes as long as we can feed the hungry and I am very blessed to belong to a large and generous parish.

When I get home I hope to get my 15 minutes of organizing done before Nancy has to leave.  Dinner tonight is pretty stress free.  I will boil up some frozen Mushroom Ravioli and toss it in some Alfredo Sauce, recipe below.  Then it is yoga night.  I am kind of embarrassed to have everyone over while I am in the middle of this organization project but I guess you can always find an excuse not to take care of yourself.

Well you know what they say about the best laid plans.  As I was typing this my phone rang and it was Kim, my dear friend and yoga instructor.  Her Dad had a heart attack and was being rushed to the hospital. So I threw on some clothes, ran over and got her and took her to the hospital.  When I left the prognosis was not good but they said there is always a chance that he will make it.  Please add her family to your prayer list if you have one.

On the way home I stopped at a couple of stores to get more storage containers for my basement organizing.  While at the store I got a call from my friend, Linda, whose car had broken down and was being towed to the dealership.  So I left the store and went and picked her up.  I brought her back here so she could take our truck home to use while hers is out of commission.  Luckily Ting had decided to wait on servicing her car until tomorrow so the truck was available.

While I was on the way to the hospital I contacted the secretary at our parish and asked her to take care of the 11am meeting as I couldn't make it.  She said she would but then got busy and completely forgot and I had a phone call from the woman I was supposed to meet wondering where I was.  I called back, apologized and explained.  We are rescheduled now for Thursday morning at 9.

Bottom walk, no yoga, no organizing and now we are going out for dinner with Kirsten and John and then going to see "Gravity".  I will let you know what we think.

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