Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Celebrate Good Times....

I kept Mom home from Dawn's today because our youngest son, Anthony, has a birthday on Saturday.  He is leaving on Friday to go meet our youngest child, Nicole and her husband Pierre, at  Disney World in Florida and tonight is his only night off before he leaves.  The gathering will be at Buddy's Pizza.  Celebrating with us tonight will be Frank's sister, Roz, and her husband, Ron;  Frank's brother, Dan, and his wife, Rebecca; Mom, Mom Klik, Amy and her guy, Doug and Tingting.

Every time we tell Mom we are getting together with Frank's family (at least a couple of times a month) she exclaims "I didn't know Frank had any brothers or sisters".  Then she asks why she has never met them, who they are, what they do for a living, are they going to mind her tagging along and these questions repeat the entire drive until we are with them and then she recognizes them but still cannot comprehend that they are Frank's family.  She thinks they are friends that she has had for years and years and of course, Frank and I have only just gotten married in her mind so she couldn't know them because they are his family. I know.....it is confusing to me too.

But once there Mom is in her glory because there is a party and there is nothing she likes more than a party!

Mom, Celebrating Good Times


  1. I am so thankful that my husband at least still recognizes people. But sometimes in their confusion (although it is frustrating to us) they can provide us with tons of humor. Enjoy!


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