Wednesday, October 23, 2013


A couple of times a year our church hosts a free lunch and bingo for senior citizens.  Nancy says that Mom really enjoys these because they move very slowly and give the seniors plenty of time to find their numbers.  Mom and Nancy used to go to bingo once a week but as Mom deteriorated it became more difficult for her to keep up and she would get frustrated.  When she ended up breaking out in hives and threatening to slap the caller Nancy figured that her bingo days were over.  They were still able to attend this that is hosted by the church because it is geared for seniors but the last one was six months ago so we will see how she does with it today.

My friend, Sandy, dropped her Mom (who is just in the early stages of dementia) off to go with Mom and Nancy to bingo.  I hope they have fun.

Mom and Jean getting ready to go to Bingo

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