Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Me and Mom

Nancy took the day off to go to some medical appointments she had scheduled so it is just Me and Mom today.  I gave Mom her shower this morning because I had scheduled massages for the two of us today.  I try to get Mom a massage at least once every two months.  Our friend, Jan, does a wonderful job.  Her Mom and mine have been friends for over twenty years, of course Mom does not remember that, but she is still comfortable with Jan and I know that she is in good hands if I leave during her massage as I did today.  It is also nice because Jan has a lounge chair in the room where she gives massages so Mom can leaf through a magazine or take a nap while I am getting my massage and I don't have to worry about her.

Mom waiting to get her blood pressure taken before her massage.
So I dropped Mom off and then went and took care of things at the food pantry so everything was ready for Midgie's team tonight.  I returned as Jan was helping Mom get dressed.  We gave her a bottle of water, put her into the lounge chair with a magazine and it was my turn.  Mom usually talks the entire time I am getting my massage, asking Jan the same questions time and again as Jan patiently answers but today she read her book and never said a word so I was able to just close my eyes, turn off my mind and relax.
After our massages I took Mom out to lunch at the Big River Grill.  Mom enjoys going there.  It was my Pops favorite restaurant and while she doesn't remember that she does remember being there before and she loves watching all the big freighters go by, unfortunately today there was not one freighter the entire time we dined.

It was a nice day spent with the lady that used to be my Mom.

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