Saturday, October 26, 2013

More Memories of Mom

While Mom is away this weekend I thought I would share some more memories with you.  Mom was always very active.  She loved parties, cards, games, bowling and horseshoes.  She sold Avon and was district manager for years, once she had me she gave up that career so as to be able to spend more time with me.  As I was growing up she sold Beeline Clothes, so I was always well dressed.  Mom would have loved for me to primp and preen with her but it wasn't my style.  When Dawn was born Mom gave up Beeline and began day care for a couple of toddlers to bring in extra money.  When Dawn got older Mom began driving bus for the local school system and remained at that job until she and Pops retired.  With Dawn, Mom got the little girl she had always dreamed of.  Dawn was a  born primper and preener.  She loved to dress up, play with dolls, go shopping and put on makeup.  Mom felt completed with Dawn.  She often mentioned that she believed the spirit of her first child, a little girl named Marie who died shortly after birth, came back in Dawn.  She said that she mourned Marie every day of her life until Dawn was born and then that hurt went away.
We have many, many good memories of Mom.  She and Pop's had a happy house and all us kids and our spouses would spend our weekends there with toddlers running around everywhere while we had poker tournaments.  Mom was always in her glory when all her kids were together.
Mom and Pops with some of their grandkids and great grandkids in 2005.


  1. I find it amazing that you have such awesome childhood are one lucky lady. And you are so lucky to be able to now give back to your mom. I remember BeeLine clothes...what a memory


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