Saturday, October 5, 2013

Another day.....another million times being asked the same question.

Mom had a very good time last night.  We went to the Voyageur Restaurant which is always nice.  Mom enjoys watching the boats and freighters go by while she dines.  She ate very well also which made me happy because she had refused anything other that some watermelon all day yesterday. After dinner we went into the bar and finished our wine with a group of friends that were meeting the Benda's up there and of course everyone fawned over Mom so she was in her glory.  We heard what a great time she had about 30 times on the way home.  That was interspersed with her remarking how far of a drive it was home and that it didn't seem to take that long to get to the restaurant.
When we pulled into the yard Mom said "oh yeah, I've been here before, is this where I'm sleeping tonight?" I replied that she was and she said she better not because her husband wouldn't know where to pick her up.  I told her not to worry that he knew exactly where to find her. She asked when I had told him where she was and I replied that I told him before he left.  That seemed to satisfy her.

Frank's brother Dan came over and he and Frank went to get the Benda's trailer so Dan could pick up a dining room set he bought at an estate sale yesterday. Mom has been up this morning for 15 min.  Since that time she has asked me 8 times whose car is parked in front of our house.  I barely get the answer out of my mouth and she is asking again.  It is going to be one of those days I think. Now she wants to know why no one ever told her that Frank had a brother and why she has never met him. IT IS going to be one of those days.

Instead of dwelling on that.....I think I will look at some more memories....
This is from our trip to SF after my nephew's wedding.  The plan was that my sister was going a week before the wedding to do some sightseeing and we would fly with Mom and Pops to CA for the wedding.  Then Mom and Pops would fly home with my sister while we stayed for a week of sightseeing.  That plan lasted until Mom and Pops found out Frank and I were going to SF and of course Pops said "we want to go".  It was a great time and left us with great memories.  This was before Mom started getting forgetful.

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