Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wine Stopper Collection

I have been collecting wine stoppers for several years now but I never had a good way to display them.  I  put them in bowls, I set them on counters, I put them on my wine rack but they were never showcased. I never used them to stop up the wine bottle because when we open a bottle of wine around here there is never any left in the bottle to stop up. LOL  But I love finding unique stoppers and they are a great way to save memories if not wine.
I got this stopper when we were scuba diving in Cozumel.

Then last month I was in my corner gift store, Seasons, that I frequent quite often as I try always to buy local and support the small businesses in my area.  Over the years I have become friends with the owner, Liz.  She had wine stoppers for sale and they were in a display case made just for the purpose.  I asked her about it and she ordered a couple up for me. When I stopped in today they had just arrived.  I was very excited to get home and set it up.

I filled one and then I have another so that I can continue with my collection.

And as an added bonus all her Halloween stuff was 40% off so I got these little guys for practically nothing!!

I also stopped by a consignment store in the area, Ditto Consignments, and found some great items on sale for the fall.
I thought this guy was very cool. He reminds me of the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz.  Another collection I have.
I got this adorable acorn dish for 3 bucks!!
And this blown glass pumpkin was 50% off.
I feel like I had a very productive shopping day!!  I hope all of you find something to treasure today.

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