Saturday, October 5, 2013

Seriously.......a Free Saturday!! And, of course, the Weekly Menu

I could not believe it when I looked at my calendar and it was clear.....there was nothing on it except working on the weekly menu, going to the farm and singing at 4 pm Mass....wooooohooooooo....that means we can start putting all our summer yard stuff away for the Fall.  It is sad how excited I can get over the little things LOL.

I planned a crockpot meal for tonight so it could cook all day while we did yard work and be ready to be served up when we get home from Mass, but Frank ended up having to go to a work meeting and it is pouring rain. We are still having the crockpot meal but no yard work today. On the way home Frank is stopping to pick up his Mom and bring her over so she can go to Mass with us and then stay for dinner and a visit.

Tomorrow I am taking a painting class (soooooo excited) and Frank will be making dinner.  My bet would be that he will make spaghetti since that is his specialty. This is the first week for Try it Tuesday so I have a new recipe on the menu. On Wednesday, weather permitting, Frank is going to fly a couple up to Mackinac Island for the day.  He donated this trip for a fundraiser.  I hope to go with him if I can find a Mom sitter, if not Mom and I will meet him for dinner after he lands. Friday we are having our friends the Greens and the Wronas over for dinner and Don Wrona is allergic to seafood so no Fish Friday this week but Salmon on Tuesday so it's all good.

Swiss Steak

Swiss Steak served over Egg Noodles

Dinner by Frank

Meatless Monday
Mushroom Ravioli in Alfredo Sauce

Try-it Tuesday
Fennel Crusted Salmon (found in this cookbook)
Roasted Baby Potatoes
Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Out for Dinner after Flying

Roast Chicken
Mashed Potatoes
Roasted Squash

Friday-Dinner with Friends
Guacamole with Chips
Oaxacan Black Bean Soup
Tacos of Tomatillo Chicken with Wilted Greens and Fresh Cheese
Chocolate Pecan Pie
*All recipes (except Margarita's) can be found in this book

You can see this and a lot more menu ideas at Menu Plan Monday


  1. That Swiss steak looks fantastic and reminds me that I haven't made that dish in FAR too long!

    I listened to an interview with Rick Bayless the other day, and he seems like SUCH a nice guy - and his recipes are fantastic, aren't they?

  2. Yes and I have eaten at his restaurant in Chicago. It is fantastic!! I am so happy you stopped by to check out my menu. Enjoy your Swiss Steak when you make it.


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