Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mom's Memories

I am sitting here having a conversation with my Mom.

Mom-This old house sure has a lot of memories doesn't it?
Me-What kind of memories do you have?
Mom-Well years worth.
Me-How long have you lived here?
Mom-Well I don't know but our family has lived here since we were just little kids.
Me-Really, who in the family lived here?
Mom-Well, almost all of them, I think they took turns.  Are you living here now?
Mom-How long ago did you move in here.
Me-12 years.
Mom-Wow, it's funny I didn't know that. You must be happy to be back.
Me-Well, I can't remember living here before.
Mom-You can't, well you were probably too young.
Me-I guess so.
Mom-But wait, aren't you two years older than me?
Me-Well, I guess you just have a better memory than I.

See Day 25


  1. Ha! Ha! What entertainment they sometimes provide us!

    1. Yep, we have to laugh or we would spend our days crying. Mom is teaching me to live in the moment. I used to try to correct her memories but now I have learned to share them with her.


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