Tuesday, October 29, 2013

In the Blink of an Eye

Wow it is hard to believe that the month of October is nearly over and that means the end of my 31 Day Challenge to blog each day about my Mom and her Alzheimer Disease.  At times it was hard for me because to me this is just everyday life and it has become routine to deal with the disease and it's affects on Mom so I wouldn't be sure what I should blog about.  Those days turned out to be a good thing because it gave me time to reflect on life with Mom before the disease.  When she was the care giver taking care of her family and home.  The person to whom I could go to share my dreams and hopes, fears and fantasies, failures and accomplishments.  We always had so much fun together and this process helped me to remember those times instead of just feeling the burden of having the shell of my mother without her spirit and intellect.
This month has not only made me more understanding with Mom and, hopefully, more patient. But it has also opened my eyes to how very lucky I am to have such a strong support group to help me deal with this situation.  I know that not everyone is as blessed as I with such a wonderful spouse, children, siblings and friends BUT that does not mean that you are alone.  I would like to use today's post to link to some organizations that can offer support and help.
May God Bless and Keep all Caregivers in His Loving Peace.
I hope these sites are helpful for you.  Thank you for sharing my journey thus far.  See you tomorrow.
See Day 30

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