Friday, October 4, 2013

Finally Friday

Nothing on the schedule for today.  I want to get some exercise in, work on my October Organizing, get to the store for feed for my turkeys, chickens and pigs and get some laundry done.  My nephew, Jake, is coming over tonight to have another shooting session before duck hunting opens this weekend.  I had hoped that his parents (my sister Dawn and her husband, Tom) and his brother, Ryan (our Godson) could come for dinner tonight but Dawn has to work.  So instead of cooking I think we are going to meet our friends, the Benda's, out for dinner tonight.

I am sending Mom and Nancy for massages this afternoon so hopefully I will get some sewing done while they are gone.  Friday is also the day my friend, Tamie, comes to clean.....I love the way my house looks and smells on Fridays!!

So far it has been a pretty lazy day for me.  It is 10:30 and I am still in my pj's.  I did get some laundry going, made Mom and Nancy breakfast, took care of the chickens, turkeys and pigs, and got the house straightened up for Tamie to come in but now I am trying to convince myself to get out and take that walk, pick up feed or go down and do my 15 Minutes of Organizing.  I need to get moving soon though because we have a 1:30 appt. at the bank to get Tingting's car loan and go pick up her new (used) car.

I took the dogs and went for a hike.  This is one of my favorite places to hike in the fall and spring...not in the summer is a mosquito paradise.  Other than birds and bugs today the only wildlife we saw were lots of frogs that Bella thought were there just so she could chase them.
Tamie went down to the basement and looked through the donate pile. She adopted a cake platter, some glasses, a dvd player, some cd's and a couple of knick knacks.  I am happy they found a good home.
And here is Ting with her new car...she was jumping out of her skin excited!!

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