Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Perfectly Wonderful Weekend

Our weekend started Saturday morning with us completing my October Organizing Project.  That in itself would have made it a great weekend but then we headed up north and stopped at Lucky's Steakhouse for lunch.  That made it a super weekend, but then as we were driving up north we kept stopping to take pictures of the beauty surrounding us which made it a terrific weekend.

It doesn't get much prettier than Fall in Northern Michigan.  But that was just the first half of the first day!! We met up with our family, went to dinner and played some blackjack at the Little River Casino.  We didn't win but we didn't lose much either and we had a lot of fun. The girls (me, Amy and Jen) played while the guys drank and conversed.  That made it an awesome weekend.  Sunday morning we went and watched Lili play soccer.  She had a huge cheering section that included not only us but her Uncle Tom (my ex-husband who blessed me with not only my children but also my niece Jen and subsequently her husband and children), his wife, Jeri, Jen's parents and my kid's and Jen's Grandpa who is 92 years old.

Our Lili Bug is number 10 and she played superbly which made this weekend Superb.  After the game we all went to lunch which made it a wonderful weekend. Then on the way home Frank wanted to stop at Jay's and guess what???
There were truck loads of people selling puppies in the parking lot so Frank got me one for Sweetest Day......This made it a Perfectly Wonderful Weekend.
We have named here Princess Fiona of Fair Haven and she is already a little Princess as you can see.

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