Thursday, October 10, 2013

Try it Thursday??

Busy day again today.  9 am meeting with Algonac Food Pantry that I missed on Monday. Frank will be picking up his Mom at 9 and bringing her back north for her 10:30 doc appointment.  After my meeting I will go and relieve Frank so he can get into the office.  After Mom Klik's doc appt. I will take her out to lunch and drop her off at home.

Got down to the basement for my 15 minutes of organizing before I had to leave.

It was pretty sad at the doc appt. for Mom Klik.  She has some wounds on her legs that are not healing and the doctor had to scrape them.  It was very painful for her but thankfully it did not last long.  We got her some antibiotics and she will have some testing next week and back to the wound doc the week after.  Frank's sister, Roz,(with whom Mom lives) is leaving for vacation so Frank will have to stop by every day for the next couple of weeks to cleanse, medicate and wrap the wounds for her.

We ended up going out for dinner on Try it Tuesday so we are going to have Try it Thursday instead.
I have a new salmon recipe to try which works out well because Jackie loves salmon and she and Dick will be here for dinner tonight.  We will not be going to choir because we have the funeral to attend but it worked out well that we already had a Mom sitter all set up.

This recipe for Fennel Crusted Salmon is a keeper!!
You crust the top of the salmon with a mixture of eggs, butter, bread crumbs, parsley, fennel and shallots, then you poach it in the oven in clam juice until almost cooked through, place it under the broiler to finish cooking and brown the topping and make a sauce with the poaching liquid and cream.  Delicious!!!!

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